5 Easy Green Cleaning Tips


1. Paint Odours
Summer indoor painting project on the cards, help control the smell of the paint by keeping small dishes of vinegar scattered around the room. Vinegar absorbs the paint odor while you work. Leave the dishes out for a few days after finishing the project to keep the paint smell at bay. Remember to change the vinegar each day.

2. Reduce your Clutter
One of the best ways to save time on cleaning, is to de-clutter! So many of us have more than we need or want, all of this sits there collecting dust resulting in more time needed to cleaning, not to mention the negative effect on our health of breathing in the dust. Why not de-clutter and donate your un-needed belongings to an organisation who can help some people in need.

3. Gentle cleaners
Forget ammonia based commercial cleaning products, a simple mix of white vinegar & water (I use 3/4 vinegar, 1/4 warm water) will kills germs and ensure your kitchen surfaces are cleaned, less the nasties! This mix of vinegar and water is great also for cleaning glass!

4. Freshen your indoor air naturally
Save your money on the store-bought air fresheners, and get creative with the gorgeous smells of fresh garden herbs. My favourite is freshly picked Rosemary sprigs, 1 sliced lemon, and a touch of vanilla extract.  Pop it all in a small saucepan with water and simmer away, it will fill the space with a gorgeous aroma.

5. Clean on a regular basis
Cleaning regularly is the best way to strong chemical cleaners and excess amounts of water. By doing this, each clean in your home or at your office is shorter and less intense. A great start to eco-friendly cleaning.

Meirav Dulberg