Recycling & Compost in the Home & Office!


A little while ago I made the decision to make a few changes in my everyday life, both at home and in the office, to make a positive difference to the environment that we all so heavily rely on.  I love the outdoors, and try and enjoy it every chance I get, on weekends, on my lunch break, and when I can in between visiting clients in their offices. 

I started by first saying 'NO' to plastic supermarket bags and using reusable ones instead. Then it extended to collecting all the plastic bags from food, like pasta packets, vegetable plastic wrappings and bags etc... and now I take them to my local Coles Supermarket that have teamed up with RED Group, a Melbourne-based consulting and recycling organisation, who have created and implemented a program to help keep soft plastics out of landfill.

Reducing landfill and acting more sustainably is what I was focused on, so the next step I took was deciding to start a compost bin, recycling our raw food scraps and turning it into compost matter which I could then use on my garden at home! It has been extremely easy, and there is an option suitable for the office or home. I decided to set mine up in an enclosed style, a Compost Tumbler for home, and for our Office have arranged services with one of our Waste partners.  

There are a few methods to creating your own, but the 'enclosed tumbler' was my choice for home for the following benefits:

- speeds up the composting process

- can compost year-round, due to higher internal temperature

- cannot be accessed by rodents, possums, or other animals (in particular our inquisitive 6 year old Border Collie)

- keeps compost neatly enclosed and oder-free   


For office compost services, Eco-Green Cleaning & Maintenance can assist, so feel free our office!

Making the choice to make a difference in your impact to the environment is the first step..... Making the decision to make a change is what counts!


Meirav Dulberg